Your COBEDIAS report: a summary of your health status


This decisively important document can easily be generated after you have been examined according to the COBEDIAS method. A COBEDIAS report contains always the following items:


Current complaints - This is a short, concise description of the concerns and symptoms, in the patients own words.

Personal history - Here the patient's previous diseases, accidents and medical treatments starting with birth are listed chronologically.

Family history - Mentioned are blood relatives and their disease. Of particular concern are knowingly hereditary conditions.

Systems overview – Important statements about allergies, life style and organ function are inquired and documented.

Social history - Profession, occupation, hobbies and personal circumstances are important for the comprehensive understanding of an individual.

Medication history - Drugs and food supplements are asked for and listed.

Physical exam - The hands-on physical examination by the physician is complementary to the complaints told previously by the patient.

List of diagnoses – This is the result of the physicians intellectual analysis and synthesis of history taking and physical exam.


Model report